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$ 459
  • EVEAGE Environmental Guardian 20 inch commercial surface cleaner for pressure washer Sewage Recovery Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer Dual Handle

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$ 369
  • EVEAGE Sunstreaker 20''Surface Cleaner Pressure Surface Washer Dual Handle

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$ 459
  • EVEAGE Environmental Guardian 24 inch Water Recovery Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer Dual Handle

pressure washer surface cleaner



EVEAGE is committed to collecting customer’s deep sore point demand of the pressure washer surface cleaner with wheelssurface cleaner parts series products and the driveway pressure washer attachment with modern information technology. We have done a lot of research on customer’s deepest essential needs and have communicated with a lot of customer directly and frequently, which let us understand customer more. So that we can customize better surface cleaner series products and service for our customer.


New Product

$ 166
For Beginners
  • EVEAGE Powerful Electric Pressure Washer – 3500 PSI 2.5 GPM Electric Power Washer

New Upgrade Product

$ 199
  • EVEAGE Giraffe 24FT Pressure Washer Extension Wand Telescoping Lance High Pressure Washer Extension Wand Flow Telescoping Spray Wand with Gutter Extension

Upgrade Product

$ 99
  • EVEAGE Undercarriage Pressure Washer Attachment Pro Max 24″, Surface Cleaner Water Broom with 3pcs Extension Wand and Quick Connect Pivot Coupler 4000psi, 2 in 1 Underbody Car Washer
The O Family

159K subscribers

Boys put their super hero powers to the test to clean Papa’s driveway… Sadly… they were not ‘powerful’ enough. But thanks to the Pressure washer Surface Cleaner by EVEAGE, they were more than ‘powerful’ enough to get the job done

Something 2LookAt

Something 2LookAt
100K subscribers

This Eveage surface cleaner for pressure washers works very well and does exactly what they say it does. It performed better than my expectations and I highly recommend it.

Dan’s Vlog
90.9K subscribers

I STAND CORRECTED! I was certain there was NO WAY my little pressure washer was going to be able to power this 16 Inch surface / driveway cleaner/floor scrubber for pressure washer… I was wrong.


Small size for home use: if you are using an electric high pressure machine, then it is recommended to buy a small size pressure washer surface cleaner to suit  your best needs.

Eveage 16.5 inch pressure washer surface cleaner

Domestic & Commercial: If you are using a gasoline or diesel high pressure machine that needs to clean a wider area then you can choose a large size pressure washer surface cleaner.

20 inch pressure washer surface cleaner

Commercial and Domestic Sewage Recovery Surface Cleaners: They generally require higher PSI of pressure washers, those electric with lower PSI would be not a good fit.

best professional surface cleaner

Commercial Sewage Recovery Surface Cleaner: It is a must to be connected with a diesel or gas powered pressure washers for the best commercial surface cleaner, only commercial use recommended this way.

commercial surface cleaner

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