EVEAGE Magic Companion 100 FT Sewer Jetter Kit for Pressure Washer,Sewer Jetter Nozzles Kit,Drain Cleaning Hose for Pressure Washer,5800PSI Drain Cleaner Hose 1/4 Inch NPT


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EVEAGE Cleaning Hose for Pressure Washer

     6 Heads Sewer Jetter Kit:1 × 100ft sewer jet hose;1 × button nose sewer jet nozzle,orifice 4.0;1 × M22 female to 1/4’’ female NPT coupler;1 × 1/4’’ quick connect plug;1 × rotating sewer jetter nozzle;1 × Side hole sewer jetter nozzle;1 × corner sewer nozzle.1 x waterproof tape, 2 x spanners, 1 x box of pearl corsage pin.
     Quick Connect Plug and Female Metric M22 to 1/4 Inch Female NPT Fitting:Quick Connect Plug used in a lot of situations where high pressure connections are frequently assembled or disassembled.Ideal for quick exchange of pressure washer outlet, sewer jetter hose, guns and nozzles.It makes a solid connection with quick coupler each time.Pressure washer coupler convert metric M22 14mm female NPT thread to 1/4″ Female NPT.
pressure washer drain cleaning hose
pressure washer hose for drain cleaning


Product Description

Package List:

1 × 100ft sewer jet hose;

1 × Button nose sewer jet nozzle,orifice 4.0;

1 × M22 female to 1/4’’ female NPT coupler;

1 × 1/4’’ quick connect plug;1 × rotating sewer jetter nozzle;

1 × Side hole sewer jetter nozzle;

1 × Corner sewer nozzle;

1 x Waterproof tape;

2 x Spanners;

1 x Box of pearl corsage pin.


Product information

Package Dimensions11.14 x 10.98 x 5.39 inches
Item Weight6.67 pounds



  • 1.Button nose sewer jetter nozzle: 1 front jet at 0° spray angle can clear blockages. 3 rear jets at 33° spray angle can flush out debris loosened by the front jet.
  • 2.Rotating sewer jet nozzle: 3 backward rotating spray blasts into clogged pipe and moves the nozzle through pipe. The nozzle is easy to slide into drain pipes and sewer lines. It offers an even cleaning and flushes out debris.
sewer jetter kit for pressure washer
pressure washer sewer jetter
pressure washer pipe cleaner


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