EVEAGE Classic Jazz 16.5'' Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner with 4 Wheels Stainless Steel Housing Power Washer Surface Cleaner


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【16.5” POWER WASHER SURFACE CLEANER】EVEAGE Power Washer Surface Cleaner is compatible with pressure washers up to 2000-4000 PSI. Features a 16.5” cleaning reach and powerful enough to lift stubborn stains on patios, driveways, decks, and sidewalks.
【DURABLE PRESSURE WASHER CLEANER WITH 4 WHEELS】Not only this pressure washer surface cleaner features stainless steel construction on heavy duty jobs, it’s also outfitted with 4 wheels to increase mobility around the job site. It is great for anyone looking for durability and easy mobility, and is best for more advanced pressure washing technicians.
【6X FASTER to GET THE JOB DONE】Dual high-pressure rotating jets remove tough dirt and grime with ease. 16.5″ cleaning reach get that driveway or deck job done in a 5 minute job instead of an hour job. This pressure washer surface cleaner attachment also features tough flexible bristles to protect surfaces from damage. Flow rate 1.8-3.7 GPM.
【IMPROVE YOUR PRESSURE WASHING EXPERIENCE】Attach to your pressure washer wand to provide a targeted clean and increased efficiency on flat surfaces without making a mess! You can use this power washer surface cleaner on vertical hard surfaces like brick walls, stucco, and other siding.

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EVEAGE Power Washer Surface Cleaner

The Surface Cleaner can be used with most gasoline pressure washers with up to 4000 PSI, min pressure 2000 PSI, the unit is used for cleaning garage floors, driveways, patios, decks, sidewalks and more.

Package Include:

– 1 x Power Washer Surface Cleaner

– 2 x 15” Pressure Washer Extension Wand(1/4-in quick connect fitting attached to standard spray guns and wands)

– 2 x Replaceable Nozzles

– 4 x O-Rings

– 1 x Teflon Tape

– 1 x Needles to Avoid Nnozzle Clogging.

– 1 x Manual

EVEAGE — Our brand slogan is: ‘’Wipe out in a flash‘’

EVEAGE Power Washer Accessories saves the time and energy in cleaning work, Efficient and Easy, aim to liberate the labor.

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Dual High Pressure Jets

Two high-pressure rotating jets for quick, streak-free cleaning, makes short work of cleaning flat surfaces

electric pressure washer surface cleaner

16.5″ Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Housing

16.5″ Cleaning Area, covering a much wider swath. Stainless Steel Construction can offers excellent impact strength.

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Splash-Proof Design

The power of the high-pressure water jets is contained inside of the dome enclosure. The housing has a skirt on the bottom that does a great job containing the spray and debris without getting wet and messy.

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360° Flexible Rotation

The castors make maneuvering it effortless and you’re not fighting the pressure washer.

rotary surface cleaner for pressure washer

Seal Heavy-duty Bearing

Fully sealed heavy duty bearings are sufficient for the unit to withstand operating pressures up to 4000PSI.”

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What should you do if it is blocked?

2 additional nozzles are attached for replacing the original nozzles when seriously blocked.

when the nozzles are blocked, you can use needles to remove sand or other debris in nozzles and rinse with fresh water.

EVEAGE 16.5” Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner with 4 Wheels, Stainless Steel Housing & 1/4″ Quick Connector

Installation Tips:

1. Make sure you hear the “”click”” when inserting the tip of pressure washer surface cleaner tip into the quick connector.

2. Pull the Surface Cleaner to make sure it is seated properly before operating your unit.

3. High pressure in surface cleaner area. Do not leave the cleaner unattended when it is pressurized.

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  1. Tony Stics

    Top quality right out of the box with easy to read directions, and extra parts exactly what the description discribed.
    I personally recommend this 16.5” WARMQ surface cleaner to anyone who is professional, weekend warrior, or homeowner.

  2. Great Job

    I’ve used this surface cleaner probably 3-4 hrs so far and have most of my very large concrete driveway done,It was ready to use right out of the box no leaks no loose nuts or bolts plus it comes with extra o-rings and spray nozzles if you need them in the future. I was a little concerned about it being to small but it works fast so it wasn’t an issue. Make sure to take your time with it you’ll find the pace which it cleans best. I included a before/after pic and that’s with just cold water and no cleaner of any kind.

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