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【21″Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner 】EVEAGE Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner is compatible with pressure washers up to 2000-4000 PSI.max water flow 8.5 GPM .Features a 21” cleaning reach and powerful enough to lift stubborn stains on patios, driveways, decks, and sidewalks.

【8X FASTER to GET THE JOB DONE】Our flat pressure washer surface cleaner is equipped with 2 high-speed rotating jets, which form water-intensive pressure at 25-degree to provide a faster and complete cleaning effect. There is a thick circle of stiff bristles at the bottom, keeping high-pressure water from splashing to avoid staining your clothes.

【Durable & Adjustable】Using special strong plastic material, our pressure washer surface cleaner with wheels features a water-proof and non-deformed design, ensuring a long service life. Its handle height and angle are adjustable, allowing it to meet needs at different heights. It provides smooth movement with its 4 universal castors.

Great Connector Compatibility You will enjoy cleaning with the labor-saving trigger gun on the pressure washer floor scrubber. This trigger gun can be easily connected to a hose with a 3/8” connector(NOT INCLUDED). Additionally, 2 adapters of 1/4” quick connector are provided for your optional uses.

【IMPROVE YOUR PRESSURE WASHING EXPERIENCE】Attach to your pressure washer wand to provide a targeted clean and increased efficiency on flat surfaces without making a mess! You can use this power washer surface cleaner on vertical hard surfaces like brick walls, stucco, and other siding.

surface cleaning attachment for pressure washer
21″ Wide Cleaning Area
Pressure washer surface cleaners are great for removing stubborn stains, debris, moss from ground decks, driveways, roofs, patios. 4000 PSI working pressure provides fast cleaning.
pressure washer attachments surface cleaner
2 High-efficient Nozzles
The pressure washer surface cleaner has a fast rotating nozzle with a 25 degree spray angle for better cleaning without damaging the cleaning surface. maximum. Water flow is 8.5 GPM
pressure washer surface cleaner with wheels
Our Advantages
The 180-degree adjustable handle, 4 universal castors, and stiff bristles all help you effortlessly operate the pressure washer floor scrubber.

360° Flexible Rotation

The castors make maneuvering it effortless and you’re not fighting the pressure washer.

pressure washer surface cleaner harbor freight
Fit for 3/8″ Connector
For your quick installation, you should use a 3/8” quick connector to connect the water hose—different modes on the trigger gun are provided for convenient use.
pressure wash surface cleaner

Removable Sstrainer

Built-in replaceable strainer – prevents nozzle clogging.Comes with several different adapters, suitable for different pressure surface 1/4″ ,3/8″


surface cleaner pressure washing
Wide Application
The pressure washer floor cleaner can be used anywhere. Ideal for cleaning garage floors, driveways, sidewalk, roof,cement patio, etc.
pressure washer surface cleaner

Connector – 1 corresponding to the larger diameter of the interface hole linked to the handle, Connector – 2 corresponding to the smaller diameter of the hole linked to 1/4″ adapter and then connected to the center axis, because the diameter of the two ends of the water pipe connector is the same only the diameter of the hole is different, please note that the two ends are not installed backwards, if you find that the interface leaks, please check whether the water pipe is installed backwards, if installed backwards to cause water leakage after adjusting over will not leak

surface cleaner for pressure washer


  • Material: special plastic
    Cleaning Surface Area: 21 in/ 53.3 cm
    Max. Working Pressure: 4000 PSI
    Min. Working Pressure: 2000 PSI
    Max water Flow: 8.5 GPM
    Inlet: 3/8 in QC Female Plug
    Outlet: 25-degree Nozzles
    Max. Water Temperature: 158°F/ 70°
  •   Outlet:25-degree Nozzles


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