EVEAGE Upgrade 2-in-1 Undercarriage & Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner with Wheels 13 inch


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Designed for Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner and Undercarriage, adjust Swivel joints & castors for best pressure.

  • [3 Wheels] It makes work easier through its flexibility. Bristles help protect adjacent surfaces & prevent water splashing.
  • [High Efficiency& Quality]: It runs 6 times faster than our competitors with stainless steel parts being able to work perfectly for heavy-duty undertakings, Dual hi-pressure Rotating Jets to clean off stubborn stains easily and flexible castors. Water is enough for this unit with a better washing experience.
  • [Excellent Compatibility]: It is compatible with any gas-powered pressure washers above 1600-4000PSI, and designed for cleaning concrete pavements. You can even enjoy the best fun for cleaning with the 1/4-inch Quick-Connect function.
  • [Dual Use]: It boasts flexibly rotatable castors to serve any scenario, the anterior side can be used for cleaning the ground driveway terrace by just one one-second adjustment in castor direction.

best pressure washer surface cleaner
electric pressure washer surface cleaner

The 1/4 inch quick-connect works perfectly with Gas-powered and Electric Pressure Washers to best suit your washing needs on deck and driveway.

dewalt surface cleaner

The castors can be rotated flexibly by turning the screw by its dual use.

power washer surface cleaner

Fully sealed heavy-duty bearings are supportable for operating pressures up to 4000PSI.

pressure washer surface cleaner harbor freight

The reverse side is designed for the undercarriage or any other applicable scenarios.

dewalt surface cleaner pressure washer

This side works well on patios, sidewalks, decks, etc.

surface cleaner for pressure washer

What should you do if it is blocked?
1 Replace it with another nozzle in this kit.

2. Use needles to clean off sand or other matters that may block the unit, or just rinse it with water.

13 inch pressure washer surface cleaner
pressure washer attachments surface cleaner
commercial surface cleaner for pressure washer
commercial pressure washer surface cleaner


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