Thanks for choosing EVEAGE. We guarantee All EVEAGE Products are strictly tested by our QC persons before delivery. If you need more assistance ranging from product inquiries to return&replacements, please contact us by email [email protected], we will reply to you within 24 hours for working days, there may be some delays if holidays or corporate breaks happen.

You are entitled to a 30-day money back excluding that of items having used or in bad condition, below are the further explanations, please carefully read through:

Eveage should bear the relative costs if:

1. Item arrived defective which makes it unable to be fixed with a replacement part.

2. Eveage shipped the wrong item from your order.

3. Eveage shipped order to the wrong delivery address.

4. Eveage made a duplicate order.

5. Items malfunctioned within 30-day period if the you have properly assembled and operated the items as per the manual.

Note: All the above cases should be supported by photos or videos(if photos are unable to support your request) if needed, if what you offered failed to support their requests or refuse to send Eveage the supportive proofs, Eveage has the right to reject the request, and the case shall be labeled as Buyers Remose, under which you are held soley responsible and bear the 15% restocking fee and shipping costs if you insist on returning.

You should bear the relative costs if:

1. Buyers Remorse(Not Satisfied with the performance and anything else related to the items received, Items is not compatible with your attachments, Items dont meet my expectations, I tried it out, but changed my mind for something else, etc.)

2. No Reason/No longer want.

3. Misinterpretation of Product Description(Failure to fully read item details/decriptions/features).

4. Order Cancellation after the item was already shipped out, even if you have not yet received the item.

5. You bought the wrong one.

6. You accidentally over-purchased.

7. You accidentally offered the wrong shipping address.

8. Others that should be categorized here by Eveage.

What should I do if items are out of 30-day period?

If your order is out of 30-day period, please do not worry, you are also entitled to enjoy our supports in getting faulty or malfunctioned items repaired within a 6 month warranty period.

What should you do for a replacement?

1. Please specify your problems in details with photos or videos(if photos failed to support your request) in emails.

2. Our persons will investigate and offer a solution based on the policy.

3. If an item return is invovled, please send us the tracking number including all the necessary supportive information

4. Eveage shall confirm back when the returned item arrives at our warehouse by email, and send the replacements according to the delivery information offered on your order by default. If there are any changes in the delivery information, please reply to us in advance.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

The refund shall be processed within approximately 7 days after proper receipt and verification of the return, you can also remind Eveage by emails if a refund is delayed.

Where should I return items?

Please contact by emails to [email protected], our persons will respond to your requests within 24 working days, some delays may happen on holidays or corporate breaks.

Can I cancel order?

Customer can cancel orders by contacting us at [email protected] detailing your reasons but only under the context of orders unshipped, otherwise, orders can not be cancelled.