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At present, there are many brands of high-pressure washer surface cleaner in the market, which brings great confusion to people who are not familiar with high-pressure washer surface cleaner: which high-pressure washer surface cleaner is good quality?

Want to choose high-pressure washer surface cleaner before we need to understand the high-pressure washer surface cleaner, high-pressure washer surface cleaner is through the high-pressure pump to produce high-pressure water column to rinse the dirt on the surface of the object, in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object.

Because of its use of high-pressure water column to clean dirt, will not cause any pollution, or damage to the environment, so high-pressure washer surface cleaner is also recognized as one of the world’s most economical, environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

High-pressure washer surface cleaner can be divided into two kinds of household and industrial, if they used more times, you need to choose industrial high-pressure washer surface cleaner, the specific need to be based on their own use.

According to the use of different scenarios, divided into two types of hot water and cold water, cold water high-pressure washer surface cleaner injected into room temperature water can be used; but some special places need to use hot water for cleaning, then you must especially buy hot water high-pressure washer surface cleaner.

Imported high-pressure washer surface cleaner technology is relatively new, and in the durability and efficiency of this aspect is also stronger than the domestic some, its quality is also very reliable, and the cost is also very high, in the purchase of high-pressure washer surface cleaner time

First of all, we must have some understanding of it, so as to help us choose a quality high-pressure washer floor scrubber.

High-pressure washer floor scrubber is a high-pressure plunger pump driven by a power unit to generate high-pressure water to rinse the surface of the object equipment, is now recognized as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly, economic, and scientific cleaning methods. The working principle of high-pressure washer surface cleaner is: the power unit conveys power to drive the high-pressure plunger pump rotation, atmospheric pressure water through the high-pressure pump plunger reciprocal motion compression to form high-pressure water delivery to the end of the gun (nozzle), and then ejected high-pressure water and physical impact on the surface of the object when the impact of the water is greater than the adhesion between the surface of the dirt and objects, dirt, oil, rust will be quickly stripped, washed away, and thus In the case of not damaging the surface of the object to achieve the effect of efficient cleaning.

In the process of using high pressure washer floor scrubber, according to the cleaning requirements of different object surfaces, the water gun can be adjusted to fan-shaped water jet or water column impact cleaning, which can protect the surface from damage, but also achieve the purpose of cleaning. With its advantages of no pollution to the environment, no corrosion, saving labor input, high efficiency, water saving, etc., high pressure washer surface cleaner is widely used in vehicles, municipal road cleaning, building facade cleaning, food processing plant site, farm cleaning, factory equipment, production line, and pipeline cleaning, and can even be used for cleaning to restore the original appearance of ancient buildings, and its application areas are becoming more and more extensive in recent years.

High-pressure washer scrubber can be divided into household high-pressure washer surface cleaner, commercial high-pressure washer surface cleaner, and industrial high-pressure washer scrubbers according to application areas.

Household high-pressure washer surface cleaner has relatively low requirements for pressure and flow rate, and is characterized by water-saving economy, portable, flexible movement and simple operation, etc. It is mainly used for light and medium cleaning of residential courtyards, roofs, walls, balconies, windows, swimming pools or private vehicles. With the increase of disposable income, residents in Europe and the United States pay more attention to the beauty and cleanliness of

residential yards, gardening as a recreational pastime and physical and mental health activities, well-tended yards also continue to enrich the aesthetic pleasure of people, can be used for gardening irrigation, and cleaning

High-pressure washer surface cleaners for lawns, fences, roads, walls, pools, balconies, and vehicles are meeting the market demand. In addition to DIY home cleaning, the increase in dual-income households has created a market for professional cleaning service providers. According to an Arizton study, more than 2 million UK households are cleaned by professional cleaning service companies, and professional cleaning service providers often choose professional cleaning equipment such as pressure washers.

Commercial high-pressure washer scrubber have more stringent requirements for pressure and flow parameters, and are used frequently, thus requiring higher service life. It can remove dirt, oil stains and special surface adhesion to achieve the purpose of descaling, disinfection, and environmental protection. According to a research report published by Arizton, the main application area of commercial high-pressure washer surface cleaner in 2019 is the automotive industry, accounting for 25.1%, followed by the construction industry (15.4%) and public municipalities (12.4%), which together account for more than 50% of the total.

Industrial high-pressure washer surface cleaner, in addition to higher parameter requirements, there are often special professional requirements, such as water cutting and other special features. With the development of high-pressure water jet technology, high-pressure washer surface cleaner technology is developing in the direction of ultra-high pressure, high power, and specialization, as manifested in the application of plant-type batch equipment sets, the use of intelligent robots shows an expanding trend, with broad market potential in the future. With the deepening of energy saving and environmental protection production requirements, high efficiency, low energy consumption, water conservation, and environmental protection, no dead ends, no harm industrial cleaning will form the mainstream cleaning method.

With the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency, water conservation, high-pressure washer scrubber applications continue to broaden

High-pressure washer surface cleaner based on high-pressure water jet technology is the 1970s in the international emergence of new physical cleaning technology, through high-pressure water jets on the stain hitting, breaking, penetration, stripping and other comprehensive action to achieve the cleaning function. Compared with the traditional manual chemical cleaning method, high-pressure water jet technology mainly uses water as the medium, which can be applied to clean different shapes, structures, and objects with different types of dirt attached, and has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, no pollution to the environment, no corrosion to the cleaning object, strong equipment versatility, and low cleaning cost. In the automotive industry, for example, car cleaning water consumption, energy efficient high-pressure cleaning method compared with the traditional manual cleaning method can save 60% of the water, while saving labor.

In developed countries in Europe and the United States, high-pressure water jet technology has become the mainstream cleaning technology, while in less developed countries the cleaning industry is still dominated by chemical cleaning. The chemical cleaning process discharges a large number of acid, alkali, and other chemical solvents easily causing environmental pollution and equipment corrosion. High-pressure water jet cleaning because of its environmental protection, energy saving, and many other advantages, has very broad market application prospects.

Home high-pressure cleaning equipment is relatively inexpensive, and the average family can afford it, in the general trend of consumer upgrading is expected to play a more important role in the family. In Greenfield, for example, in 2018 and 2019, the revenue growth rate of its household high-pressure washer surface cleaner is 95% and 108% respectively, much higher than that of commercial high-pressure washer scrubber.

The global market is heating up year by year, with the US dominating and the European market gradually growing

Benefit from the macro environment in recent years, the global high-pressure washer surface cleaner market sales are growing faster. According to Frost & Sullivan statistics, global high-pressure washer surface cleaner sales from 2016 to 2020 increased from about $2.59 billion to about $3.36 billion, a compound annual growth rate of 6.8%. 2020 due to the new crown pneumonia outbreak in the world, Europe and the United States countries generally carry out home isolation policy, stimulating the demand for household cleaning, this factor has become the global high-pressure washer floor scrubber market scale growth point. One of the scale growth points of the global high-pressure washer surface cleaner market, the global high-pressure washer surface cleaner market in 2020 sales growth of about 5.8%, is expected to 2021-2025 global high-pressure washer floor scrubber market will still show a continuous growth trend.

According to Frost & Sullivan statistics, in 2020 the European region for the global high-pressure washer surface cleaner market sales accounted for the largest regional market, followed by the United States, the two together contribute to more than 80% of global sales. Established in 1906, the Danish Leach Group has a wide range of products including vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, sweepers, sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners, high-pressure washer floor scrubbers, and outdoor sweepers. Europe and the Americas are also important sources of revenue for the EVEAGE Group in terms of high-pressure washer surface cleaner revenue.

Developed countries or regions such as Europe and America have a higher degree of acceptance of high-pressure floor scrubbers. High-pressure floor scrubbers have entered the lives of residents in developed regions for a longer period of time and have a higher degree of market recognition, and companies in developed regions have obvious advantages in product design, sales channels, and brand influence. In developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan, most of the well-known brands of high-pressure washer surface cleaners and vacuum cleaner are owned by well-known tool manufacturers and professional cleaning product manufacturers in Europe and America. With their long-established brand influence, cleaning tool brands in developed countries use large retailers as their main sales channels, and some of them are gradually expanding their e-commerce channels, and their shares in overseas markets are relatively stable. In the North American market, the well-known brands of pressure washer include EVEAGE, RYOBI, Lows, Vevor, etc.; in the European market, the well-known brands include KÄRCHER, NILFISK, Bosch BOSCH, BLUE CLEAN, etc.; in the Japanese market, the well-known brands include KYOCERA, MAKITA, Hitachi HITACHI, etc.

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