how to use pressure washer surface cleaner
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If you have a large, flat yard, deck, patio, driveway, sidewalk and parking lot to clean and spend hours of boring time cleaning it every week, EVEAGE pressure washer surface cleaner is a great solution. 

This pressure washer accessory outperforms any pressure washer and nozzle combination in this application. And it gives you a clean and comfortable outdoor garden while you work with pleasure.


It’s important to remove loose and large debris that can block the movement of pressure washing surface cleaners.

After connecting the water supply to the pressure washer, connect the surface cleaner pressure washer to the high-pressure hose, just as you would with a standard wand assembly, making sure all connections are securely seated.

Turn on the water and start the pressure washer.

Release the safety latch and squeeze the trigger gun.

The spray bar under the pressure washing surface cleaner will begin to rotate and create pressure, allowing the surface cleaner to slide along the surface.

It is important to keep the surface cleaner for the pressure washers moving to ensure an even cleaning pattern.

As an added benefit, the pressure washer scrubber cover contains overspray, virtually eliminating additional cleaning.

1、When using a pressure washer surface cleaner, wear proper eye protection and appropriate work clothes (such as goggles, shoes that do not show your toes, etc.).

2、Test the power of your pressure washer. Each size of rotating flat surface pressure washer requires a different amount of PSI. 14″ – 1000 PSI, 20″ – 3000 PSI, 24 & 28″ – 3500 PSI Reminder.

  1. Remove any loose and large debris. Look for any broken concrete debris, rocks, or anything that could impede the flow of the pressure wash surface cleaner. You will need to be careful to remove any large debris that could damage the surface cleaner.
  1. Connect the pressure washer to the water supply. Then, connect the surface cleaner to a high-pressure hose of pressurized water. The process is as simple as connecting any wand assembly.

5、Make sure all connections are secure. Loose connections can cause you problems later. If you are not sure, check the instruction manual that came with the surface cleaner.

6、When you are ready, turn on the water supply and start the pressure washer. Make sure there are no leaks in the connections.

7、Loosen the safety latch and pull the trigger. Again, make sure everything is OK.

8、If the spray bar below the surface cleaner is rotating when you operate the high-pressure washer, congratulations! You have successfully connected the surface cleaner.

  1. The spray bar releases pressurized water with a rotating motion. This helps the surface cleaner to slide along the surface. Thus, your cleaning process is as smooth as silk.
  1. Adjust the pressure appropriately to the surface. Pay attention to the corners easily. Adjust the angle so that every corner is cleaned in place.

11、Finally, keep the nozzle clean. If the machine starts to vibrate, stop and clean the nozzle.

Why does my Pressure Washer Scrubber leave lines?

If you notice swirling patterns, you may need to slow down your cleaning speed. This is because the cleaner’s nozzle is attached to the bar. When the spray bar rotates, most of the pressurized water flows out of both tips, so the center part of the surface cleaner does not remove dirt as effectively as the outer edges.

 As a result, if you move the surface cleaner too fast, it leaves lines. You notice swirl patterns and you may need to slow down the cleaning speed.


You will get used to this speed quickly. Just be careful the first few times you use it.

Final Tips

  1. Lubricate the rotary joint every 200 hours of operation – once a month if you use it daily. You can use a small amount of high quality grease for lubrication.
  2. Be careful of any raised obstructions during operation. Raised surfaces may damage the spray bar. If you notice any vibration, stop and check your surface cleaner.

3、PSI up to 1600 can achieve the effect of cleaning the floor, too high PSI will have an effect on the life of the high pressure scrubber.

I hope you like your surface cleaner as much as I do!



Easy to use: This attachment has a 1/4″ QC connection that provides a universal fit and is easy to attach to most spray bars

Quality materials and construction: Powder-coated steel shroud and stainless steel nozzle provide protection against corrosion. The shroud also prevents overspray and keeps the user and surrounding area dry

More nozzles, more cleaning, less time: Two high-pressure rotary nozzles provide three times the coverage of standard nozzles for fast, streak-free cleaning, allowing you to complete pressure washing projects in a fraction of the time

Ideal for residential and commercial projects: 15-inch diameter for quick and easy cleaning of large surfaces such as garage floors, driveways, decks and patios

Compatibility and power: This scrubber works with most pneumatic pressure washers rated up to 3700 PSI. Please note that the surface cleaner is for cold water only