EVEAGE 24 inch Dirty Water Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer black commercial pressure washer surface cleaner


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pressure washer surface cleaner
  • We are the trailblazer in such a cleaner with sewage recovery system leaving no residual nasty water to deal with.
  • The sewage recycle pipe circle and 5-meter-long plastic sewage recycle pipe at the bottom can be used for centralized sewage recycling treatment. Please do remember to turn off the water source and let the tool run for a certain period to drain the sewage before power-off.
  • It is equipped with two high-speed rotating jets where pressure concentrates at 25 degrees to offer a faster and better cleaning. The thick bristles lined underneath the housing help prevent water from splashing. 
  •  Its stainless steel materials, water-proof and anti-deformed functions can ensure you a long-run utility. You can even adjust the height or angles of the wand with the 4 castors moving smoothly.
  • It can work with a labor-saving spray gun which requires a connector in 3/8 inch(NOT INCLUDED). We have offered you 2*1/4 connectors if needed.
  • It is applicable in such scenarios as home or commercial services and can be perfect on decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, etc. 
  • Note: Please do remember to remove those large rocks before you start using the tool in order to avert damage to the water outlet.
surface cleaner pressure washer
24″ Wide Cleaning Area
Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer Dual Handle with Sewage Recovery is ideal for removing ground decks, driveways, roofs, patios, indoor basketball courts, soccer fields. Stubborn stains, grease, debris and moss in kitchens, churches. 4000 PSI working pressure provides fast cleaning.
surface cleaner for pressure washer

sewage recycling pipe & 2 High-efficient Nozzles

The surface cleaner of the pressure washer has a ring of steel pipe with small holes around it to recycle the sewage after washing, and has a fast rotating nozzle with a 25-degree spray angle for better cleaning without damaging the clean surface. maximum. Water flow at 8.5 GPM

Sewage recovery device

Made of sturdy stainless steel material, it can be used for a long time without corrosion, deformation or damage.

pressure washing surface cleaner
Fit for 3/8″ Connector
For your quick installation, you should use a 3/8” quick connector to connect the water hose—different modes on the trigger gun are provided for convenient use
best pressure washer surface cleaner

Splash-Proof Design

The power of the high-pressure water jet is contained within the dome housing. There is a skirt at the bottom of the shell, which can hold the spray and debris well, and the sewage will be directly recovered by the suction device of the outer ring, and it will not flow out. It can be used directly in any place without getting wet and dirty.

best surface cleaner for pressure washer

Removable Sstrainer

Built-in replaceable strainer – prevents nozzle clogging.

sewage can be recycled

There is a circle of stainless steel pipes with small holes for sewage recycling at the bottom, which can recycle sewage for centralized treatment. After washing, turn off the water source, wait for the machine to run for a period of time to drain the sewage, and then turn off the power.
pressure wash surface cleaner

Heavy-duty Bearing

Built with the highest grade materials,the fully sealed bearing can make the unit work with higher pressure and contribute to a long product life.

pressure washer surface cleaner attachment

sewage pipe

With a five-meter long plastic black pipe to discharge sewage

pressure washer surface cleaner with wheels

easy installation

It’s easy to install by just following the steps above, and it’s simple to use. Just pull the trigger while the pressure washer is on and water will start flowing from the nozzle.
Walk slowly behind the equipment and clean as you go

electric pressure washer surface cleaner
Our Advantages
With a sewage recovery device, it can be used in various scenarios indoors and outdoors, cold and hot water can be used,
The 180-degree adjustable handle, 4 universal casters and tough bristles all help you easily operate your pressure washer scrubber.
commercial pressure washer surface cleaner

What should you do if it is blocked?

2 additional nozzles are attached for replacing the original nozzles when seriously blocked.

when the nozzles are blocked, you can use needles to remove sand or other debris in nozzles and rinse with fresh water.

commercial surface cleaner for pressure washer

  • Material: Stainless Steel
    Cleaning Surface Area: 24 in/ 61 cm
    Max. Working Pressure: 4000 PSI
    Min. Working Pressure: 2000 PSI
    Max water Flow: 8.5 GPM
    Inlet: 3/8 in QC Female Plug
    Outlet: 25-degree Nozzles
    Max. Water Temperature: 158°F/ 70°
  • sewage pipe:196.8 in/ 500 cm
commercial surface cleaner
commercial pressure washer
best commercial surface cleaner for pressure washer
best commercial surface cleaner


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