EVEAGE Tornadoes 20″ Stainless Steel Undercarriage Cleaner with Trigger-Lock Gun for Hot Cold Water Pressure Washer Under Car Chassis Cleaner


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cleaning undercarriage
  • Easily Cleans The Underside Of 10″ Clearance & Up Vehicles
  • Flush salt, mud, & debris from cars, trucks, & farm equipment
  • Prolongs the life of your vehicles without using a car lift
  • Stainless Steel INOX Components
  • Resists rust & corrosion; sturdy & durable construction
  • High Quality, Long Lasting Swivel
  • Reinforced with self lubricating, stainless steel ball bearings
  • Specially designed for high revolutions ensuring durability
  • 20″ Turbo Rotary Arm With 2 Stabilizer Spray Heads & Riser
  • Counterbalanced & precisely equilibrated to prevent vibrations
  • Rotor arm has two 1/8″NPTF nozzles with size 3 orifice
  • Cleans underneath vehicles with 9.1″ or more clearance
  • Relax-Action Trigger
  • Ergonomic design & let-off at top of trigger pull for comfort
  • Stainless Steel Wheels
  • Two 4″ regular wheels & one 2.25″ castor wheel manuever easily
  • Can Be Used With Hot Or Cold Water
  • Maximum pressure up to 4000 PSI; 3/8″ inlet
  • Stainless Steel Guard Plate
  • Protects the swivel & nozzle from falling dirt & fouling
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Maximum Pressure4000 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight31 Pounds
Maximum Flow Rate4 Gallons Per Minute
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