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With the help of pressure washer surface cleaners, you can easily clean horizontal and vertical surfaces. Gas-powered pressure washers are mostly used to spray off a car, siding, or wooden deck.

You can also wash a concrete surface with the help of electric general pump surface cleaner and other types of washers. In this post, we will discuss in detail the best surface cleaner for pressure washer and how to use these tools.

These are great options when we cannot wash the largest area with only an old brush and soapy water. Pressure washer surface cleaners are very useful because, with them, you can get rid of cleaning hard-to-deal surfaces very easily.

It is a detailed guide in which we will discuss the types of pressure washer surface cleaners and how to use the commercial surface cleaners & surface cleaner tips. We will talk about the basics of buying a pressure washer and what kind of jobs pressure washers do.

I will wrap up with different tips for beginners while cleaning with a best pressure washer surface cleaner. Normally, the pressure washer surface cleaner with wheels is made up of powder coated steel. Some part is made up of plastic body.

When is there a need for a pressure washer

The best commercial surface cleaner is very helpful for cleaning the outer surfaces covered with grease, plant residue, dirt, or any other material across a large surface area.

It is noted that to prevent any accident, you should avoid pressure washing anything living, such as animals and plants. You can use plastic coverings or garbage bags while pressure washing near the plant beds. It will keep the spray from damaging these plants.

As we all know very well that surface cleaners are mostly used on larger surfaces, so it does not make sense to use them on very small areas. But on the other side, if you have dirty stains, you can get rid of them using the pressure washer. You can easily find commercial-grade surface cleaners and residential pressure washers.

Features of Pressure Washer surface cleaner

Features of Pressure Washer surface cleaner

Pressure washers are used for cleaning vertical surfaces.

  • They come up with surface cleaner attachments.
  • They are also used for cleaning garage floors.
  • The powerful surface cleaner is normally compact and reliable, and very efficient in cleaning.
  • The more powerful the surface cleaner the more expensive it is, but you will see the difference in cleaning capability.
  • There are different types of surface cleaners, such as gas pressure washers and electric pressure washers, and sizes vary from 13 inch, 16 inch surface cleaner to 24 inch surface cleaners.
  • A pressure washer is useful for cleaning any exterior surface with caked-on dirt, grease, plant residue or other material across a large surface area.
  • To prevent injury, avoid pressure-washing anything living, whether it’s people, animals, or plants. If you’re pressure-washing near plant beds, use garbage bags or other plastic coverings to keep the spray from damaging your plants.
  • The pressure washer wand is mostly longer for effective and easy cleaning.

How to use the pressure washer surface cleaner with surface cleaner tips: Step-by-Step Guide

How to use the pressure washer surface cleaner Step-by-Step Guide

In this part of the post, we will discuss in detail how to use the pressure washer surface cleaner. This guide is very useful for beginners as well as for experts so that they would get a better idea of how to use it. Let’s discuss all these steps in detail.

Step 1
Assembling your Pressure Washer wand

As we all know very well that after coming out of the box we have to assemble the things. So normally we store the surface cleaner wand and then trigger the handle as assembled. In this way, we have to lock these two pieces together with a simple twist.

Assembling your Pressure Washer wand

As we all know very well that after coming out of the box we have to assemble the things. So normally we store the surface cleaner wand and then trigger the handle as assembled. In this way, we have to lock these two pieces together with a simple twist.

Step 2 Connecting your high-pressure hose

Connecting your high-pressure hose

The high-pressure hose is the hose that carries the pressurized water from the pressure washer surface cleaner to the spray wand. Each end of the surface cleaner comes up with the same black threaded collar. You can use the hot water or cold water according to the choice but make sure that the hot water use is permitted by the manufacturers. Withthe help of high pressure surface cleaner, you can easily warp off the stubborn stains from the surface.

You can connect one end of the machine to your trigger handle and the other end to the brass connection on the surface cleaner. Keep in mind that you have connected both hands securely and tightly.

Step 3 Connecting your Garden Hose

Connecting your Garden Hose

There is a black threaded connection on the opposite side of the pressure washer. It easily fits a regular garden hose. You have to connect this hose tightly so that it will not warp off.

Step 4 Selecting and attaching the Nozzle

Selecting and attaching the Nozzle

There are 3 nozzle options in the pressure washer surface cleaner that offer different levels of pressure. This difference in pressure is for applying different applications. Keep in mind that on the top of the device, you will get a handy guide that shows the differences between the three pressures along with holes to store them in.

Typically, people go for a medium-pressure nozzle which is present in the middle. It is the same as the goldilocks options which provide the right amount of pressure for cleaning large surfaces and patios.

You can also go for cleaning outdoor fabrics, decks, and much more. It is always possible to adjust the pressure you are applying. You can do it by holding the pressure wand farther or closer to the surface you are cleaning.

So it means that the distance always matters as it is a high-pressure water flowing with the maximum flow rate. You will be surprised that even the medium-pressure nozzle can easily wear stains and paint from the wood.

But if you are spraying from a particular distance then it means that there is no removal of any type of stain but dirt and grime which is a bit satisfying.

In this step, you have to pull down the brass collar and place the nozzle into the opening and this can be done by attaching your selected nozzle at the end of the wand.

Then you have to release the collar and lock it into place.

pressure nozzles

At this time, all of your water connections are completed that you need to make.

Step 5 Turning on your hose

Now, you can easily turn on the water at your hose bib by ensuring that the water connections are completed. You can also go for opening that sucker. However, the only thing which you should keep in mind is to get the fullest flow possible from the hose.

Handle of an Outdoor Faucet

At this point, you must check your hose for any leaks, knots, or Kinks which might become a hurdle in the flow of water flowing freely to the pressure washer. So it is better to squeeze the trigger on your pressure washer and wait for some seconds to make sure that water is coming out steadily before proceeding.

surface cleaner

Unfortunately, the pocket hoses shrink up when it is not full of water and you can notice this when you are using one of these expandable pocket hoses..

These hoses are very good because they are lightweight and compact as compared to the traditional hoses. The good thing about these hoses is that you can use them with many pressure washers.

Step 6 Connecting your Power

Now is the time to plug in your pressure washer where the water will go when turning on. Make sure that the pressure washer surface cleaner you are purchasing must come up over a super long cord. So there is no need for any extension cord but you can always use one if necessary.

Connecting your Power

Keep this thing in mind that if you are connecting the extension cord, make sure that it is set on the elevated position. It ensures that the connection point of the two blocks prevents water from dripping towards the plugs.

Step 7 Turning on the pressure washer

Turning on the pressure washer

Now, at this time, we have to turn on the surface washer and it can be done by turning on the black button on the top of the surface washer surface cleaner. After turning on, you can hear the voice of the surface cleaner and you can also see high pressure hose stiffens as pressurized water fills it up.

If the pressure washer does not turn on then you can try pressing the reset buttons and test again. So when your pressure washer turns on, it means that it is properly set up and ready for use.

Types of surface cleaners

In this part of the post, many people who are unaware of the types of the most surface cleaners will come to know about the types. On the market, different types of best pressure washer surface cleaners are present that come up with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the types:

Undercarriage cleaners

Undercarriage Cleaner

Undercarriage pressure washer cleaners are especially designed to clean the underside of the vehicles. They normally have a spinning brush or brushes which scrub the surface as the cleaner moves. Undercarriage cleaners are best for cleaning large areas evenly and quickly.

Rotary surface cleaners

The most popular types among pressure washer surface cleaners are the rotary surface cleaners. Just like the above one, they also consist of spinning brush or brushes that scrubs the surface as the cleaner moves.

They are also best for cleaning large areas such as patios, decks, etc. The difference between the undercarriage cleaners and rotary surface cleaners is that they are difficult to maneuver around tight corners.

This is the main reason they are not good in cleaning the edges as compared to other types of surface cleaners.

Pressure washer attachments

Pressure washer attachments

Another popular type of pressure washer cleaners are pressure washer attachments. You can connect these attachments to the device with which you can connect to the pressure washer. It has the ability to clean large surfaces.

Here, you do not have to hold the pressure washer yourself. The good thing about these types of surface cleaners is that it cleans hard to reach areas effectively.

At the same time, this type is best for the people who do not want to hold the pressure washer while cleaning.

Features of pressure washer surface cleaners

There are different features of pressure washer surface cleaners; let’s discuss all these features in detail.

  • Number of spray pressure nozzles

Normally, surface cleaners come up with two to four nozzles. More nozzles means quicker cleaning time.

  • Size

Size plays a very important role in the cleaning process. The reason is that if the width of the surface cleaners is greater than you can easily clean a large surface area. But keep this thing in mind that if the device is bigger then ultimately it requires more volume of water to run.

  • Pressure rating

Pressure rating is also very much important just like the size and number of nozzles. Normally, the surface cleaners come up with the $3,000 to 5000 PSI pressure. However, we only need 2000 PSI pressure to operate.

  • These surface cleaners have dual high pressure jets for powerful cleaning.
  • A good device comes up with heavy duty bearings.
  • Normally, a good pressure washer comes up with 360° rotation.
  • They have a splash proof design so that your clothes will not get wet while cleaning.
  • They are normally made up of high quality heavy duty powder coated steel.

Tips while using pressure washer surface cleaners

Tips while using pressure washer surface cleaners

If you are a beginner then you must know how to use the machine effectively and safely. In this part of the post, we will discuss in detail all the tips so that you remain safe all the time.

Do not put your hands in front of the pressure washer surface cleaner

It is always recommended by the experts that you do not put your hands in front of the pressure washer because you might get injured doing this.It doea not matter whether you are using electric pressure washer or gas pressure washer.

Wear all protective gears

You must wear all proective gears such as long pants, goggles, good footwear. These are all the safety things for basic home pressure washing projects.

Do not use ladders

As we all know very well that using ladders while using the pressure washer surface cleaners might cause different accidents. So it is always a bad idea when you are using a pressure washer while standing on the ladder. Also do not use the ladder for cleaning the vertical surfaces. The reason is that electric pressure washer as well as the gas pressure washer gives you powerful pressure washing.

Use 45 degree angle

Unfortunately, many people do surface cleaning at 90° angle but it might cause contamination because it pushes the dirt directly on the surface. So you must use a 45 degree angle instead of pushing the dirt from the sides to blast it away from an area.

Reading the Manual

Unfortunately, many users do not bother to read the manual for any appliance but you should keep this thing in mind before using the pressure washer surface cleaners. Reading the manual will give you many ideas and tips to use the gas pressure washers carefully.

Setting a schedule

It is better to keep track of the schedule while using the pressure washer specially at home. The water pressure must be appropriate for removing grease stains.

Hiring the professionals

Keep in mind that buying surface cleaners is an investment and it is not just confined to cleaning the home. So if you are not familiar with using the machine you can hire a professional as it protects your investment and extends the lifespan of your device.

Pressure washer maintenance

Pressure washer maintenance

As we all know very well that the maintenance of any device is very much important along with its usage. So after finishing your work of pressure washer cleaning, you should store it safely. Normally, people put it away anywhere in the home without doing any maintenance.

Pressure washer surface cleaners are used for cleaning tough things such as grime, graffiti, mold, and mud, therefore it is very important to clean the machine.

Make sure that you follow the maintenance of pressure washers before and after the use. Below we will discuss some steps and tips on how you can maintain your surface cleaner.

Maintenance and cleaning before use

  • First of all you have to check the o rings on the ends of the high pressure holes for wear and tear. If the o rings are damaged then it might cause serious problems. It might cause leaking and even injury during use. So if you see that o rings are damaged then you should replace it before use.
  • Make sure, do not plug the nozzle with dirt or debris.
  • At the end of the wand, check the nozzle to make sure it is perfectly locked in place.
  • If you are using gas pressure washers then make sure that there is fresh oil and gas in it before starting. However, on the other side, do not use the gas which was present in the tank last year. For this type of gas, you can add some stabilizer and top it with fresh gasoline. Most gas pressure washers have gas in it before but you can examine the things according to the situation.
  • The spray nozzle should be opened when the pressure washer is running. The reason is that if the nozzle remains closed when the machine is on then it builds the pressure and might cause damage.
  • There should be no corrosion on the spark plug because if it remains corroded then it causes difficulty starting the machine.
  • Without an adequate amount of water pressure, the pressure washer does not run properly. So make sure that you have the proper water pressure in your machine. When there is not enough water in the unit then it can cause a lot of pressure.

Maintenance and cleaning After Use

  • First of all, remove all the grime and dust from the inside of the pressure washer.
  • Switch off the machine by pressing the button and then unplug the unit. This thing is very much important to avoid damage or injury next time when you switch on the machine.
  • Keep out all the excess water before storing. This is because the water left behind might cause mold and bacteria to grow and also attract insects such as mosquitoes.
  • Check for any detergent or chemical present in the machine and clean with water. So it is important to clean any residue or build up on the surface cleaner.
  • Store the pressure washer in a safe area away from the elements such as rain, sun, snow etc. Also the pressure washer should not be accessible to kids as it might cause any accident..

Frequently Asked Questions

What size surface cleaner is the best?

Normally, people use small size cleaners such as a 2 to 3 GPM machine. This size is not big enough however according to manufacturer’s, 12 inch to 20 inch surface cleaner is usually recommended and is normally used with 4 GPM machines.

Is it possible to bleach the driveway before pressure washing?

Many home owners clean their concrete driveway with bleach to maintain the light color. But it is not recommended to power wash with the bleach because it might damage the machine even it has enough power.

Which type of spray should you use on the driveway before pressure washing?

First of all, you should spray with the bottle of spray degreaser before using the pressure washer. Make sure to maintain a distance of 6 inches from the surface. Many people also scrub the degreaser on the concrete surfaces with the stiff brush or pressure washer attachment tool.

What is the best thing to use to clean the driveway?

Cleaning the concrete drive is a tricky process so it is better to use the mixture of soap and water. You can go for dish soap and add it to the large bucket full of water.

Final Thoughts

Pressure washer surface cleaner is the best tool for cleaning larger surfaces such as driveways and patios. This post is a detailed guide for people who have little knowledge about surface cleaners.

In this article, we have talked about in detail how to use the pressure washers and what their types are. We have also discussed the types of the surface cleaners as well as the tips to use this machine and what are the precautions we have to keep in mind while using the washer.

Last but not the least, we also discussed how to maintain the device before and after use. I hope you like this post a lot as it gives you enough information about the topic. If you have any question or suggestion you can write the comment in the comment section.