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The size of quick connect you need will depend on the size of your pressure washer or hose end connection. You need to find a fitting that will fit your current hose, and then match it with one that will attach to your pressure washer.

Quick Connects Size Pressure Washer

Quick connects are used to connect a pressure washer hose to the spray gun. They are also sometimes referred to as quick connects.

The size of a quick connector is determined by the size of the hose end connection. For example, if you have an 0.5-inch male fitting on your pressure washer and want to attach it to a 1-inch female fitting on your sprayer, you would use an 0.5-inch quick connect adapter for this application (and vice versa).

M22 Fitting

M22 Fitting

The M22 fitting is a quick connect fitting that is used for gas pressure washers. This fitting is a male connector for high pressure and industrial pressure washers, as well as other equipment that require a water tight connection.

¼ Inch – ⅜ Inch

The ¼ inch quick connect coupling and the ⅜ inch quick connect coupling are both commonly used to attach your pressure washer to a garden hose. You can find them in hardware stores, home improvement stores and online retailers.

If you are looking for convenience, you should consider buying a hose kit that includes these two pieces in one package. This way, you’ll save yourself from having to search for two separate components but still get everything you need at once!

Quick Release Coupling

A quick release coupling is a type of quick connect that is used in many industries, including pressure washing. This type of quick connect can be used to quickly connect and disconnect two pieces of equipment or hose. It is often used to connect a hose to a pressure washer gun, but it can also be used for other purposes such as connecting hoses between two ladders or connecting hoses between water pumps.

M22 Eveage Connection

M22 is the size of the hose end connection. It’s a male fitting, and it’s also a female fitting. The M22 size comes from what’s called an Eveage Connection, which is a universal fitting for both male and female connections. This means you can use any type of hose end with this connection without needing to get special adapters or anything like that.

Quick Connecting Hose Fittings

M22 Quick Connect Hose Fittings are used for connecting pressure washers, as well as hoses to the machine. The fitting can be used with a variety of tools, including pressure washers and spray guns.

When choosing the right M22 Quick Connect Hose Fitting, you’ll want to keep in mind the size you need for your project. There are three sizes: ¼ inch, ⅜ inch and ½ inch connections. The correct size will depend on the size of hose you use with a specific tool or piece of equipment.

The most common type of connection is called an Eveage connection (pictured above), which has been around since 2011 and allows easy disconnection without having to use pliers or other tools. This makes it ideal for contractors who often move their equipment around because they don’t have any time-consuming workflows when trying to reconnect their equipment after moving it from one area to another at work sites or home improvement projects that require different accessories throughout each day’s job tasks

⅜ Inch – ⅜ Inch

⅜ inch – ⅜ inch is the most common size of Quick Connect for pressure washers. It is also the most common size for pressure washers.

If you are using a ⅜ inch – ⅜ inch Quick Connect for your pressure washer, then this is all you need to know about it.

You need to understand the type of hose end connections you are working with before attempting to find a new coupling for your pressure washer hose.

You need to understand the type of hose end connections you are working with before attempting to find a new coupling for your pressure washer hose.

The first step is determining the size of your hose end connection. This can be found by looking at the size stamped on each tip, or if you are unsure, measuring the diameter and comparing it to existing couplers at home improvement stores. If you have an older pressure washer that uses a standard connector and you want to upgrade it with a quick release connector, this will require purchasing both connectors separately in order for them to match up properly.


When shopping for replacement quick connectors, you need to understand the type of hose end connections you are working with before attempting to find a new coupling for your pressure washer hose. The different types include M22 Eveage Connection, Quick Release Coupling, and Quick Connecting Hose Fittings. These three types of couplers will work with any size pressure washer hose or fitting up to 1 inch in diameter and they are easy to install by hand without any tools required so long as you have compatible threads on both ends of your hose.