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Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner is one of the key machines and equipment in the cleaning field. It is a cleaning actuator that connects the high-pressure water outlet and the high-pressure pump to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It is a device that makes high-pressure gear pump generate high-pressure water to clean the surface of objects according to the power system. It can remove stains, flush away, and achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of objects. Because high-pressure water flow is used to remove stains, high-pressure cleaning is also one of the cleaning methods recognized worldwide for scientific research, economic development, and environmental protection. Different types of Pressure Washer surface cleaners have different characteristics and main uses. Only when you choose and match them can you make full use of the cleaning efficiency and efficacy of high-pressure cleaners.

According to the main use, there are three categories of household, commercial and industrial grades. Household high-pressure cleaners generally have lower working pressure, total flow and service life. The pursuit of perfection brings lightness, flexibility, and easy operation. Second, commercial high-pressure cleaners have higher requirements for main parameters, and are frequently used and used for a long time, so they generally have a longer service life. Third, industrial-grade high-pressure cleaners

Relatively speaking, the main purposes of general-purpose high-pressure cleaners are more common, and their structures are all standard parts, consisting of pipelines, high-pressure nozzles, and high-pressure nozzles. The specifications of the high-pressure nozzles are divided into sizes to accommodate different cleaning goals. In addition, the pipeline is also divided into lengths to meet different user needs.

There is also a high-pressure boiling water cleaning machine, because it is made of unique materials, so the temperature resistance is very good. In addition to the high-pressure pump, the structure of this type of boiling water cleaning machine also has a heating furnace. According to the heating temperature of the heating furnace, high-temperature, high-pressure and high-pressure water jets are formed, which are useful for cleaning various machinery and equipment and oil stains in pipelines. .

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