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Campus cleaning is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, as the campus covers a large area with many zones that require thorough cleaning, and certain areas require particular attention. From classrooms to outdoor playgrounds, canteens, and gymnasiums, different areas have their unique cleaning pain points. As a global leader in the cleaning industry, EVEAGE is dedicated to using modern information technology to gather in-depth customer needs for surface cleaning products and provide customized cleaning solutions for campuses, ensuring a clean and safe start to the new semester.

Cleaning Focus 1: Floor Cleaning

Students spend most of their time in classrooms at school. Daily floor cleaning and maintenance are essential aspects of school cleaning. Due to the large number of desks and chairs in classrooms, the available cleaning space is relatively limited. The EVEAGE Environmental Guardian 20-inch Water Recovery Surface Cleaner high-pressure washer with dual handles is perfect for cleaning hard floors. The world’s first innovative feature of the EVEAGE 20-inch high-pressure washer with dual handles is its water recovery function, allowing simultaneous washing and water suction without leaving residual water. There’s no need to rinse away any leftover dirty water after cleaning. A dirty water recovery tube circles the bottom of the machine, along with a 5-meter-long plastic dirty water recovery pipe for centralized waste treatment. After cleaning, turn off the water source and let the machine run for a while to discharge any remaining dirty water before turning off the power. The equipment is easy to operate and user-friendly.

Cleaning Focus 2: Playground Cleaning

School playgrounds also present numerous cleaning challenges. Playgrounds are spacious, requiring cleaning across a large area. Relying solely on manual labor is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Leaves and debris blown in by the wind must be regularly cleaned. It is recommended to use the EVEAGE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, an indoor and outdoor wet and dry vacuum cleaner for efficient cleaning.

Cleaning Focus 3: Lawn Maintenance

EVEAGE is committed to user-friendly design, producing lightweight, intelligent, efficient, and durable products. Their hedge trimmers, mini electric saws, and gardening machines have gained many followers, especially among women. These products are very suitable for use on school playground lawns. Their brand slogan is: “Wipe out in a flash.” Using their products will allow you to quickly and easily complete your outdoor cleaning tasks without feeling bored or uncomfortable due to the length of time spent cleaning.