EVEAGE 13.7” Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner black With Wheels


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  • [Standard 13.7” Power Washer Surface Cleaner]: It has a 13.7” cleaning reach and powerful enough to lift stubborn stains off patios, driveways, decks, and sidewalks. It comes with extra two extension wands helping you save more effort from your cleaning job.
  • [Unique Design with Bending Rod]:Compare with other Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner, EVEAGE surface cleaner for pressure washer provides you more stable support during cleaning with its bent rod design, the best surface cleaner for pressure washer will take far less time to wash your driveway and sidewalks. Easy maneuverability all the way your whole cleaning job.
  • [Surface Cleaner with 4 Wheels]:This best commercial surface cleaner with 4 wheels that helps cleaning job easier to maneuver and increases mobility around the cleaning area. Tough flexible bristles protect adjacent surfaces and resist water from splashing out while cleaning making cleaning the driveway and sidewalk a breeze.
  • [High Efficiency & Well Constructed ]: Our pressure washer surface cleaner has a  6 X FASTER cleaning speed, it features stainless steel construction on heavy duty jobs with dual high-pressure rotating jets being designed to remove tough dirt and grime with ease, simply steers this washer across the sidewalk or driveway and erases the mildew, dirt and mold from its surface. Water is enough for this unit, start your cleaning journey now!
  • [Good Compatibility]:The top rated pressure washer surface cleaner attachment is compatible with most gas-powered pressure washers with pressure up from 2000-4000 PSI and used for cleaning concrete surfaces around your home. The 1/4 inch quick-connect is capable of working with most standard gas and electric powered pressure washers, cleaning all flat surfaces around pool deck, and driveway, and making you feel the fun of cleaning.
pressure washer surface cleaner


1. EVEAGE Pressure Washer plays a more useful tool for removing most of the stains. — Higher Work Efficiency

2. Top quality right out of the box with easy-to-read instructions, and extra parts.— Right Out of the Box

3. Stainless steel material and the wand are heavy-duty, the wheels are very easy to maneuver — Advanced Quality

4. The best power washer surface cleaner provides you a  more stable support during cleaning with its bent rod design — Save Your Time and Energy

5. Simply steer this washer across the sidewalk or driveway and erases the mildew, dirt and mold from its surface. — Super cleaning effect

surface cleaner pressure washer
pressure washing surface cleaner
best pressure washer surface cleaner

Super Cleaning Power

It is -pre-assembled with no leaks, no loose nuts or bolts, it comes with some extra O-rings and spray nozzles as well. You can use it on driveway garage floors, driveways, patios and decks.

It performs better compared with nozzles only with regards to its efficiency, less efforts and enjoyments. And the “skirt” keeps you from getting splashed in the whole process. The rotational motion of the jets gives an even cleaner effect rather than leaving stripes.

  • Surface Cleaner Size : 13.7”
  • Compatibility: Works with 2000-4000psi pressure washer
  • Fit For: Cleaning Concrete Surfaces
  • Surface Material: Durable Hard Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Work Pressure: 4000PSI
  • Universal Size: 1/4″ Quick Connector
pressure wash surface cleaner

1 x Power Washer Surface Cleaner

2 x 15” Washer Extension Wand

2 x Replaceable Nozzles

4 x O-Rings

-1 x Teflon Tape

1 x Needles to Avoid Nnozzle Clogging.

1 x Manual

  • Unique Design with a Bent Rod
  • High Efficiency & Well Constructed
  • Good Compatibility
pressure washer with surface cleaner

Bent Rod Design

It comes with a bent rod design which takes you far less time to wash driveway and sidewalks with its easy maneuverability all the way your whole cleaning job.

surface cleaner for pressure washer

360° Universal Casters

It’s also outfitted with 4 wheels to increase mobility around the job area and great for anyone looking for durability and easy mobility.

Splash-Free Design

Tough flexible bristles designed to protect surfaces from damage and your feet and legs not getting dirtied up with grime and muck from the surface and avoid rocks or debris flying  up to your face.

surface cleaner electric pressure washer


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