EVEAGE Landmine 2-in-1 Pressure Washer Undercarriage Cleaner Water Broom, 16″ Surface Cleaner Power Washer Attachment



【Dual Mode Pressure Washer Attachment】This undercarriage pressure washer is designed as an undercarriage cleaner and water broom, clean better and faster. Easily change the cleaning mode with the pivoting coupler by adjusting nozzles up and down. Save you money and effort on daily cleaning.
【Quick Connect Extension Wands & Wash Mitt】This undercarriage pressure washer comes with a 14″ 90 degree curved pressure washer wand and two 16″ straight wands, smoothly get to the car underneath with less effort, all parts have a quick-connect plug, easily connect/release to many pressure washers for different cleaning needs. Large size wash mitt for car body cleaning.
【Thoroughly & Quickly Chassis Driveway Cleaning】2-in-1 pressure washer broom undercarriage sprayer allows hot/cold water, MAX 4000PSI. Whether you’re cleaning the bottom of vehicles or your deck, patio, driveway, or poolside, this attachment is a must-have for anyone who wants to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the great outdoors.
【Best Choice for Self Use or Gift!】Power washer attachments are very high and built to last, you’ll know when you hold them. 4 stainless nozzles provide high water pressure and precise water flow even for Lawn Irrigation, two cool rubber wheels can fit in tight spaces for complete cleaning. 16″ portable size for easy storage.
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【EVEAGE 2 in 1 Undercarriage Pressure Washer Water Broom with Extension Wands and Wash Mitt】

Automobile Chassis Cleaning and Driveway Cleaning Water Broom!

Comes with 2 versions, nozzle up and nozzle down. Easily clean car undercarriage with nozzle up version and clean floor with the nozzle down one. Quick universal connector facilitates faster installation and usage. Four stainless nozzles provide high water pressure and precise water flow, allows you to clean with ease. 3 extension rods included, one curved and two straight, so you can get to the car underneath easier with less effort. Bonus a large size premium microfiber wash mitt for car body detailing cleaning.

Cleaning your undercarriage has the following benefits:

Avoids drainage problems
Prevents rusting
Protects your car from overheating
Washes off road salt that causes corrosion
Enhances the durability and functionality of undercarriage parts
Saves you money
Makes your vehicle safer to use

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MaterialsStainless Steel + Brass
Working Pressure1500-4000PSI
Easy to UseRinse Thoroughly
Flexible WheelsDurable rubber wheel
Handy Size16″ Pressure washer cleaner
Three Extension WandsTwo straight and one curved extensions
Leak FreeHigh quality extension wands perfectly connect to pressure washer via ¼” quick connector
Hot or Cold WaterMax 70℃


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can it be connected to the water supply directly?

Answer: This nozzle needs to be connected to a power washer. It has a 1/4-inch male plug, easy to connect and release to the pressure washer.

Question: Is there a suggested water pressure or PSI?

Answer: The nozzle works from 1500 PSI to 4000 PSI. It is recommended to use at 2500 PSI or higher to get the best performance of the spray nozzle.

Question: What’s the difference between Undercarriage and Road Cleaner?

Answer: Undercarriage cleaner has a nozzle that faces and sprays water upward and is mainly used and effective in cleaning underneath your vehicle. The Road Cleaner has a nozzle that faces and sprays water downward and is effective in cleaning and removing mud and grimes on the road, pathway, or driveway. WARMQ undercarriage pressure washer water broom can do both.

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