EVEAGE Electric Shower Cleaning Brush with LED Screen


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  • 【Two Spin Speed Modes】: EVEAGE electric spin scrubber there are two modes, The high-definition LED screen allows you View mode and power can at any time.and Easy to switch with one key igh speed mode of 350 r/min and low speed mode of 280 r/min.can help you remove stubborn dirt and stains effortlessly and efficiently Say goodbye to tedious scrubbing.
  • 【Detachable Long Handle】: EVEAGE electric spin scrubber is equipped the 45-degree end handle is ergonomic, lightweight and wireless. Even kids can easily hold the cleaning brush and with Detachable Long Handle (30”-45”) and a brush head with 3 adjustable angles (90°, 135°, 180°). Can help you remove stains in various environments easily without kneeling or bending over.Make cleaning more fun.Now start to enjoy the housework with your family!
  • 【4 Replaceable Brush Heads】:EVEAGE electric spin scrubber includes 4 replaceable cleaning brushes for various scenarios.And the brush head can be separated from the rod for work alone The high-quality Dome brush is ideal for bathtubs, tiles, and walls; Corner Brush for mud stains window etc;Big Flat Brush for wall door etc; Small flat brush for counters, sinks, or toilets.
  • 【High-Quality Materials】:EVEAGE electric cleaning brush the position of the brush head is IPX7 waterproof, The detachable extension rod is made of aluminum alloy to enhance the product’s texture during use,Other shafts are made of high quality ABS.
  • 【Brushless Motor】:EVEAGE electric scrubber for cleaning equipped Brushless Motor Has overheating protection function and effectively reduces noise use upgraded 2000mAh battery, fully charges in 2 hours which lasts 60-90 min, far enough to clean your entire house. When the battery display reaches low to 5%, the electric spinscrubber will stop working, enter low battery mode and turn on the battery protection mechanism to protect the battery from damage.
  • 【Suitable for Various Scenes】:A wide variety of brush heads can help you clean various places in the house, such as Window Floor Bathtub Corner Car
  • 【Reminder】: Because it has been placed for a period of time, it may run out of power and stop working temporarily, so after the electric rotary scrubber arrives, charge it first and then let it work; the charger head is not included in the package, you need to buy it yourself
electric spin scrubber
electric spin scrubber
electric spin scrubber
electric spin scrubber
electric spin scrubber
electric spin scrubber

Electric Spin Scrubber

The electric cleaning brush has two cleaning modes: a high-speed mode of 350 rpm and a low-speed mode of 280 rpm. It can adapt well to all kinds of dust and stains in the house, no need to worry about power problems

electric spin scrubber

Adjustable Brush Head

electric spin scrubber and a brush head with 3 adjustable angles (90°, 135°, 180°). It can easily help you clean every corner of your home, under the table and under the bed, so you can easily clean without bending over

electric spin scrubber

Upgraded LED display

In the past, electric scrubbers always had to worry about power issues because they couldn’t be seen during the cleaning process. They are afraid of a sudden power failure in the middle, and they can’t tell which cleaning mode they belong to. But now the LED display can clearly let you see the battery percentage and cleaning mode, and better plan housework


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