EVEAGE 189psi cordless pressure washer Cordless Power Washer with Rechargeable 4.0Ah Battery, 6-in-1 Nozzle, Portable Pressure Washer for Car/Fence/Floor Cleaning & Watering, Charger Included


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【Powerful Motor】: Cordless pressure washer portable equipped with a pure copper motor. Cordless pressure washer with Max 189PSI, which is much higher than the average pressure washer. It provides more efficient cleaning power and makes cleaning easier. Won the love of many people. The pure copper motor is different from the motor of other materials, it provides stronger cleaning power, and the weight will be a little heavier.
【Portable Cordless】: Portable pressure washer equipped with a 20000mAh large-capacity battery (Please charge before use) provides mobile power for the washer. Please be careful not to let water into the battery during use. The self-priming function allows the cordless washer to absorb water from faucets, bottles, buckets, pools, and other places. The package does not come with a garden hose quick connector, if you need an extra inner spiral hose quick connector, you can contact seller support.
【Light Weight & Easy to Assemble】:Compared with traditional water pressure washers, cordless pressure washers avoid the limitation of wires, and it only takes a few minutes to assemble. Portable pressure washer weighs approximately 8 pounds and comes with a 19.6 ft hose for easy storage. Portable electric washers are lighter and more portable. Please refer to the homepage video for water pipe installation. Make sure to install it firmly before working.
【Various Uses】: Cordless pressure washer with a flashlight can not only be used to clean all kinds of cars, bicycles, motorcycles, engineering vehicles, etc. It can also be used to clean balconies, windows, terraces, exterior walls, floors, houses, garden furniture, etc. Remember to fully charge it before taking it outdoors, If you have any problems in use, please feel free to contact us, if you receive damaged goods, we will replace them for you.

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  • Take Water from Any Possible Source: Cordless pressure washer battery powered can not only be connected to the faucet. You can also put the equipped 19.7-foot hose into any water container for cleaning. Washer draws water from barrels, cans, bottles, pools, swimming pools, lakes, rivers, etc. (Don’t forget to install filters to prevent the inhalation of debris from damaging the motor). Equipped with two water connectors and a universal connector to connect to the faucet, use a garden hose or garden faucet to ensure that the two are firmly connected. Garden hoses of different sizes may require different water connectors. Of course, you can use the equipped hose to connect to the garden faucet. Make sure that the universal connector is firmly connected to the faucet before use.
  • Cordless, Compact and Portable DesignPortable electric pressure washer is equipped with a suitcase for easy storage and organization. At the same time, it adopts a conveniently compact body design, which can be easily carried to any place you need. You can take this portable power washer to the lake and put the hose in the water to use it. 20000mah large-capacity battery provides portable power for outdoor use.(Please charge the battery before use.)
  • Multi-scene Application: Multifunction cordless power washer for car washing can not only be used to clean cars, bicycles, and motorcycles, but also as a household handhold pressure washer, you can use it to clean garden floors, walls, cars, windows, etc., and it can also be used to water flowers. Equipped with universal faucet connection, water bottle connection, and high-efficiency filter. At the same time, the car washer can be used to provide a cool shower for your pet to meet your various needs. Pressure washer is equipped with a flashlight, which is convenient to use at night.
  • Unique Gift: Portable cordless pressure washer is a great choice for Christmas gifts. As a Christmas gift for men, it can help men to better clean their beloved motorcycles, cars, etc. This cordless high-pressure cleaner is deeply loved by men.
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Working Pressure: Max 655PSI

 Flow Rate: 3.6L/min=215L/h

 Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh

 Motor Voltage: 21V

 Working Time : 45 min

 Charging Time: 3 hrs

 Min.Suction Height: 4m

 Unit Weight: 2.5 Lbs (power washer+battery)


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