EVEAGE Wet Dry Dust Extractor Powerful Vacuum Cleaner EVEAGE


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About this item

Product CategoryVacuum Cleaner
Hoover functionWet and dry
Dust storage typeDust container/bin
Power cord lengthapprox. 4 m
Special nozzle2-in-1 scrubbing brush
Rated voltage220(V)
Rated power3200(W)
3C certificate number2021180708029150
Suction power19kpa
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Built in water stop valve buoy

Protect motor safety Working principle: when the water absorption capacity of the machine is too large, the water stop valve buoy floats upward to seal the air inlet ofthe motor, and automatically stops water absorption to protct the machine
Wet Dry Dust Extractor Vacuum Industrial Collector

True large suction

without fear of large particles

hoover vaccum cleaner

Large bore

It can inhale impurities in the shell
Itis not easy to block and improve work

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Thickened stainless steel metal barrel

Double stiffener
NO deformation
Corrosion resistance
Impact resistance

Vaccum Cleaner

Waterproof and anti leakage

Waterproof power switch

Multi-filtration, no secondary pollution

Top cover filter cotton Filter cover filter motor filter Precision Hypa Dust barrier
industrial vaccum cleaner

Intelligent pressure relief plug can prolong the service life of motor without burning

Foreign matter blockage

Pressure relief valve open

vaccume cleaner

The segmented buckle is used to fix the
machine head and lock the barrel for
convenience and durability

self cleaning vaccum

The operating diameter of about 17 metersis equivalent to the height of an ordinary 5-storey building

Stainless steel expansion pipe About 25 m EVA hose About 5m cable
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High quality universal wheels are smooth,delicate and convenient to move

Vacuum industrial cleaner

Easily absorb dust, broken glass and other solid wastes

Made of ABS, the connecting hose can be cleaned

Strong suction to deepl suck away liquid such as accumulated water

Prevent wheel and barrel wall from being damaged when sliding

hand vaccum cleaner

Extra large capacity, extra high power

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