EVEAGE Pressure Washer Adapter Set, Quick Disconnect Kit


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Pressure Washer Hose Adapter Set, M22 to 3/8 Quick Connect for Power Washer Hose

  • Universal Quick Connect Kit, Metric M22 14mm female + 3/8 inch male plug, M22 14mm female + 3/8 inch female socket.
  • Pressure washer fittings apply on universal gun, hose and pump connection.
  • Pressure washer hose adapter provides secure and quick fittings.
  • Max working pressure is 5000 PSI. Max Temperature is 300°F.
  •  professional on Pressure Washer Accessory and always stand behind our products, please free to contact us if any questions.

Product Description

EVEAGE: Professional Brand on Pressure Washer Parts

specializes in developing lots of innovative pressure washer accessories. We offer great products for varieties of cleaning projects, which includes nozzle, swivel, coupler, wand, O-ring, water broom, undercarriage cleaner, telescoping wand support, orifice nozzle of foam cannon and garden hose adapters

Pressure washer fittings
pressure washer hose adapter


Pressure washer fittings apply on universal gun, hose and pump connection.

1.Two Quick Connector Sets connect water outlet of pump to pressure washer hose and connect pressure washer hose to gun.

2.The other two Quick Connect Kits converts 3/4’’ threads to quick release fittings, connecting all 3/4″ standard garden hose to water inlet of power washer pump.


1 × coupler (M22 14mm female + 3/8 inch male plug)

1 × coupler (M22 14mm female + 3/8 inch female socket)



Questions and Answers

Nope. You need a new hose. If you look at the product description (on Amazon) it has a good picture showing connection types.

Yes, it can fit a whole chicken.

There is no 3/4 quick connect. Only 1/2” and 3/8” quick connects. The only thing 3/4 is the garden hose adapters. You might be having issues with those because garden hose thread is different than NPT which is what I’m assuming you’re trying to adapt to.

It will continue spraying. Buy a brass shutoff valve to connect to hose before the quick connect. Combination works great for me.

Remember to go counterclokwise when connecting to the water pipe.

You can connect your hose to your pressure washer but not the pressure washer gun

Yes will connect a water hose supply to a pressure washer thru to the high pressure side output and then to a wand.


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