EVEAGE cordless vacuum cleaner Indoor and outdoor wet and dry vacuum cleaner


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Wash, scrub and dry (three-in-one), complete the cleaning work at one time; the finished floor is extremely clean, all waste like dirty water, clay, sand and oil stain will be sucked into the dirty-water tank; it can clean the different floors like epoxy resin, concrete and tiled, etc. 350mm cleaning width enables it clean narrow path.
a powerful micro floor scrubber that is designed for deep cleaning and daily maintenance of medium sized spaces. Its compact design allows the user to clean in and around bathrooms, offices, lobbies etc. This is game changer for a facility looking for a more efficient way of cleaning floors.

  • Small orbital machine with high speed of rotation for excellent gloss result
  • Easy to operate with no experience needed
  • Ergonomic and maneuverable handle make every narrow space scrubbing task easier
  • Low noise operation
  • Ideal for staircase, washroom, kitchen, wall, table top cleaning and etc
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The body can be rotated 360 degrees for easy operation

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Wash, scrub and dry (three-in-one), complete the cleaning work at one time

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Can be stored compacted with the brush flipped up and can be made to hang on a wall.

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5.4L large-capacity water tank, clean water tank 1.8L sewage tank 3.6L

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Wireless, battery powered for 90 minutes at a time

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Bass noise reduction is only 68 decibels

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