Eveage Brass Garden Hose Splitter (4 Way)Solid Brass Hose Connector 3/4″, Hose Spigot Adapter 4 Valves with 4 Extra Rubber Washers


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4 way brass water splitter shut off valve
  • Solid Brass: 100% solid brass make the 4 way splitter durable, heavy duty brass hose connecter support up to 0.8 MPa water pressure
  • Durable: 100% solidbrass valves makes Hourleey 4 way splitter more durable than plastic valves, no leaking, standard 3/4 In. connection, fit most all standard hoses.
  • Dividually controlled: All the hose connector can be turned on and off individually, you can use one or others according to your need, greatly enhance the user convenience with freely switch.
  • Package include: 4-way solid brass splitter, 4 installed washers with extra 4 more washers, and 1 pack PTFE tape.
best 4 way garden hose splitter

Package Include

1 x 4-way hose splitter

1 x PTFE tape

4 x 3/4″ hose rubber washers

All brass

All brass include valve make this splitter durable. Improved joint makes it stronger and hard to break. Applicable maximum pressure: 0.8 MPa.

Easy to turn on / turn off

The handle of this dispenser can be easily and comfortably opened and closed without breaking and leaking

Converts one spigot into four

This splitter has a 4-way valve make your job easier, it can solve the problem of running 2-4 hoses from the same spigot, and you can easily close 1-3 hoses and keep the other hoses work.

4 hose splitter

Fits all 3/4 inch hose and faucet

Hourleey hose splitter can fit all 3/4 inch hose and faucet well.


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