EVEAGE 3-Speed Air Mover 1HP 4000+ CFM Monster Floor Blower Carpet Dryers Janitoral Floor Dryer


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  • HIGH VELOCITY – 4000cfm 1hp 3speed setting Air Mover which is perfect for drying the floor, carpet, hallway, or garage.
  • HEAVY-DUTY -Roto-mold housing which perfectly for commercial and industrial environments
  • MULTI-USE – 3 direction (0,45,90 degree ) perfect for Spills, paint, rugs, and other surface will dry in no time
  • RELIABLE – Durable long lasting roto molded housing work for years. Attached Cord 15 Ft 14 AWG
  • PORTABLE AND STACKABLE – This unit is stackable and perfect for use in crawl spaces, cabinets, closets, or any other cramped area you may need to dry
floor blower

Great For Home Environments

The is great for home uses, such as drying mopped kitchen floors and unforeseen spills.

In addition, its high velocity works great for ventilation and cooling the home during those hot summer days.

blower fan

Water Damage Restoration

The  can be used for professional restoration jobs such as water damage (flooding and leaks) on top of drying paint, concrete, glue, and other adhesives. The ability to Daisy Chain them together makes it perfect for small to medium projects.

air mover

Janitorial and Sanitation

Whether its for drying out a freshly mopped floor or a wet carpet, the is perfect for your cleaning needs. They are small and lightweight, which makes them easy to move and great for drying those hard-to-reach spaces.


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